Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Fresh Start

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma--a rare disease made rarer still at my ripe old age of 24 (this is a pediatric cancer)--then went and joined Friendster and discovered the blog function there. I was clean for two and a half years and my blogging tapered off along with the bad news; but last week I was told that it's back, so it seemed like time to pick up the keyboard again. I plan to be much more grown up about things this time--I know my way around the hospital and the doctors and the poisons they plan to pump into me, so i ought to be able to do a better job this time, and I figured I deserved a makeover for more than just my puke-bucket.

So here i am on blogspot. I chose the polka dots because it is reminiscent of the decorations in the pediatric day hospital, where my incongruous life has led me to spend far too many days. I'm not sure exactly what form these 'confessionals' (my first blog was called Cancer Confessional) will take, but it seems important to have an outlet. Writing seemed to save me the first time around, so I'll give it a chance to do so again. But look forward to archives or links to the original Confessional or even unpublished entries from the last few months leading up to this new reality. And of course, as always, I'd love to hear your comments.

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