Sunday, December 14, 2008


That's my word for last week. I slept through most of it. Poorly, at night, from pain in my shoulder and right chest, where a new medi-port was freshly implanted last Monday. And poorly again at the hospital in recliners that don't like to stay reclined while receiving chemotherapy between radiation therapy sessions. And then best in the late afternoon, at home on the couch.

But I did make it out for lots of social activities this weekend, which is both impressive and heartening, I think. On Friday, Dad and I went to meet a fellow UU, Brooklynite, twenty-something, cancer warrior. He and his roommates had a dinner party to celebrate the excess of food in their refrigerator. So we scored a yummy free dinner and I met a new friend. On Saturday we were joined by friends for dinner and a movie--Slumdog Millionaire is a definite must-see, by the way. And today--this you will not believe, I almost do not believe it myself--I went, on the subway, to Manhattan, to the "Craft-tacular", which was (predictably, and yet, somehow, unexpectedly to my and my friends) a total madhouse of hip New Yorkers eagerly Christmas shopping. There were so many people that you almost couldn't see the crafts (think more hand-crafted jewelry, pottery, t-shirts and handbags than popcicles, paste, and construction paper). It was as exhausting as the mall on a mega-sale weekend, but if my body were in a different state I would definitely have appreciated the Brooklyn Lager booth. By the end I was stealing folding chairs and running to the bathroom with a mouthful of vomit, but I just about completed my shopping (including a wedding gift for a wedding I went to last New Year's!), so it was well worth it.

And now I am happily resting, back on my couch, awaiting Mom's arrival and trying to write poems. All-in-all, things are looking not so bad. And this week ahead I only have radiation, which is not nearly as bad as chemo, and the prescription for the most likely side-effect, esophagitis, is to eat ice cream! Should be a pretty good week.

(especially if you would start leaving comments on my blog again. I really like them.)

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eternalsunshine said...

I totally thought about going to the Bust craftacular. That's my fave magazine. But alas, I had date with a football game and crochet orders. Plus, I did Xmas insanity yesterday a la Rockefeller, St. Patrick's and dept store windows. Yikes stripes tourists!

I want to see your spoils though and I'm glad things are looking up! Can't wait to see you.